Facilities & Services

Free Parking*

Limited parking slots in front of the hotel, more public slots available in the surrounding area


Common areas and all rooms

Buffet Style Breakfast

Snack Bar

24h Reception

Close to organized beach

Royal Baths Mon Repos

Non Smoker Rooms


Express Check-In/Check-Out

Car/Motorbike Rentals

Pets Allowed

Free of Charge, Upon request

Excursion Tickets

Luggage Transfer


On Charge

Luggage Storage

Free of Charge

Laundry Services

On Charge

Baby Cot

Upon Request, Free of Charge

Wake-Up Calls

Computer Area

Mailing Services

Taxi Reservations

Restaurant reservations

Medical Services

Upon request on call

Pillow Type Selection

All Credit Cards Accepted

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Breakfast Packaging

Upon Request

Early Breakfast

Upon Request

Customer Complaints Management

Late Check Out

On Charge, Upon Request

Luggage weighing

On Charge

TV & Sitting Room