Today’s name Mon-Repo is a large area, where the summer villa of the English Commissioner Thomas Maitland, and his Greek spouse, Corfiot Nina Palatianou was built, in 1828-1831. In 1833 the School of Fine Arts was put there with director Pavlos Prossalendis, while in 1834, the public gardens functioned in the vegetable garden of the villa. In 1840 the Holy reading room was transported to the villa and remained there for two years. In 1863 the empress of Austria Elisabeth stayed there for quite a long time. In 1864 the building with the gardens, was granted for use to the then King George A΄, which he named Mon-Repos. From that time and up to 1967 it was used by the former royal family as a summer residence.

The building and the property devolved once again to the possession of the Municipality Kerkyra, which then granted the building for fifty years to the Ministry of Culture, for the accommodation of the museum Palaiopoli. The building is a characteristic sample of an English villa, and is the work of the English architect Whitmore, who also built the Palace of Michael and George. It is a building with frugal forms, big openings and a formal application of morphological characteristics of the English “classical” tradition with the addition of certain Greek elements.